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How much does the musical jolly chimp appraise for?

We just purchased a Musical Jolly Chimp, and would like to know how much they appraise for. Ive seen them on eBay anywhere from $60.00 upto $200.00, whats the difference? They all look like the same.

There are many different brands that copy the Musical Jolly Chimp, however there is only one original Musical Jolly Chimp. The original Musical Jolly Chimp is manufactured by a company called Daishin CK. The company is a Japanese company.

Does anyone know where I can get my Jolly Chimp fixed or instructions on the inside where all the gears are?

The title says it all but if you want more info, is that I bought it at a flea market and he said it doesn't work, so I want to fix it myself, I found a small gear piece that might of fallen out years ago but I still have it. This what it looks like

ACK! that is one creepy monke- I mean I think the gearbox for that type of toy is found in its upper chest cavity. be careful putting the piece back in because the gearing on those things is like clockwork.

I think your best bet, if you wanted

Vegas chimp having fun in retirement

The chimps, named Buddy and Calamity Jane, or C. J. , belonged to Nikki Grusenmeyer, formerly Nikki Riddell, a longtime exotic animal owner and trainer in Las Vegas who had owned the chimps since the early 2000s. They engage in aggressive behaviors, such as biting, in nature, and with five times the strength of a human, an adult chimp can make for a dangerous pet, according to the Jane Goodall Institute. Neighbors phoned police in July 2012 after seeing the chimps wandering the neighborhood around their enclosure in the 5700 block of Rowland Avenue, near Jones Boulevard and Ann Road.

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